Friendship cooperation between VIOIT and IIC: strengthening bilateral ties

On July 24, 2023, a delegation from the Institute of Strategy and Policy for Industry and Trade (VIOIT), Ministry of Industry and Trade, led by Mr. Nguyen Khac Quyen, Deputy Director, paid a visit to the Institute of Industry and Commerce (IIC) under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Laos.

This visit was a significant follow-up to the Joint Conference on Vietnam-Laos Cooperation on Development of Industry and Trade - Energy and Mining sectors held in 2022 in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. During this conference, key figures including Vietnam's Minister of Industry and Trade, Nguyen Hong Dien, Lao Minister of Industry and Trade, Malaithong KOMMASITH, and Lao Minister of Energy and Mines, Phosay Sayasone, witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on industrial and trade cooperation between VIOIT and IIC. Both institutes share similar perspectives and visions in terms of orientation and the establishment of mechanisms and policies for industrial and trade development, aimed at contributing to the socio-economic progress of both nations.

During the visit, the Vietnamese delegation engaged in productive discussions with leaders and officials from IIC regarding the current state of industrial and trade development between Vietnam and Laos. They also exchanged valuable experiences in formulating mechanisms and policies to drive domestic industry and trade growth.

Both sides acknowledged that the bilateral relations between their respective parties and countries have flourished, thanks to the robust comprehensive strategic cooperation. They expressed their commitment to sustaining and strengthening this relationship, with a focus on mutual exchange and learning. The possibility of enhancing cooperation between the two institutes was actively explored and encouraged.

As part of the working trip for the "Development of the Industrial Linkage between Vietnam and Laos until 2030," conducted by the Delegation of the Institute of Strategy and Policy for Industry and Trade (VIOIT), the delegation surveyed, collected, and compiled data on industrial development in the Lao People's Democratic Republic from various sources, including Management Boards of Economic Zones, Industrial Parks, and industrial enterprises. The Institute of Industry and Commerce (IIC) of Laos pledged to collaborate by sharing relevant documents and sending a delegation of officials to participate alongside the VIOIT delegation in preparing programs, conducting surveys, and engaging in discussions with the management bodies of industrial zones in Laos.

This visit, marked by a warm and sincere welcome, served as an invaluable opportunity for both institutes to learn from each other. It not only facilitates future cooperation in research and analysis of industrial and trade policies but also promotes mutual understanding and strengthens the bonds between the two entities.

Le Anh Tu

Department of Information and Trade Promotion - VIOIT


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